Winter Gratitude

mardi cuIt’s good to finally see some snow at the Centre. Some think that life at a retreat centre must be dead in the winter. Not so during January at Five Oaks (! Work campers have painted and built and made the inside of our Main Building much more inviting and comfortable ( Those gathered in Prayerful Discernment have helped us shape an initiative that we’re calling Building Relationships that Matter, as a way to sustain and expand what we’re called to do – requiring financial resources – for today and for tomorrow. And 10 teenagers from Delhi United Church have announced that they will donate, plant and care for 20 new indigenous trees at Five Oaks. It’s been an exciting few weeks. A highlight was hearing Heather McLean tell me that she’s going to write a thank you note to the Margaret Rose UCW unit of Harcourt United Church, for honouring Mary Haig by making Room #25 so beautiful. Heather got to enjoy Five Oaks hospitality in this lovely bedroom during her three days at the Centre for Prayerful Discernment: she is grateful and wants to express it! Makes me realize that I too am grateful and want to express it!