February Fun!

What do families on toboggans,           men who sing, drum, tell stories and pray;

and aboriginal theological students have in common? The past week at Five Oaks!

Following a spirited weekend of Winter Family Camp, Monday brought with it the 12th annual Male Spirituality program: 24 men came to share stories, deepen their relationships as men of faith, and spend a beautiful snowy week with us at Five Oaks (www.fiveoaks.on.ca). With the added blessing of the Francis Sandy Theological Centre circle (www.fstc.ca) sharing meals and community with us, it’s been day after day in which Five Oaks has sung – literally and spiritually. [The Francis Sandy Centre is located at Five Oaks.]

One of the challenges for those of us at the Centre day by day is adjusting to the constant ebb and flow from intense community formed with guests over a few days, to the empty quiet of the Centre when our friends have left. So today has been quiet, but as I left my office late this afternoon, the place was starting to buzz again with young adult leaders arriving to ensure that another great Confirmation program (Confirmation 101) designed for United Church of Canada youth and their leaders, will be a full and successful weekend program. Every bed will be occupied; the dining and meeting rooms will be full and goodness only knows if anyone will get any sleep. I can’t wait to hear all about it from my colleagues, Diane Matheson and Robin McGauley (the Rev.) ~