Common Life Community Retreat

Seems as if winter has turned to spring and almost summer since I blogged about life at Five Oaks. This place is just so darned busy, it’s hard to find time to tell you about it. But after getting some feedback from our Five Oaks young adults that they are impressed that a Director my age is even blogging at all, I am determined to be a more frequent correspondent! I have lots of news and photos of events here over the past couple of months, but let me begin with today. My body, soul and mind are refreshed after a moving 26 hour retreat with others in the Five Oaks Common Life community as we spent our annual time together, this time with the leadership of Dr. Nancy Reeves and Linnea Good. We took the wonderful opportunities provided to explore how to deepen our intimacy with God and with one another as a community who share a Common Life marked by: Attending to the Spirit; Commitment to Community; Dedication to Learning; Engagement for Justice; and Retreat. And all of these were reflected by everything we took on, including gardening! Vegetable gardens have been created and planted; lemon balm has been discouraged from taking over more than its share of the herb garden; garlic mustard cleared from the sloping hill near the dining room; books sorted and the labyrinth weeded.

And just as we allowed the Spirit to nurture new growth of this kind, we’re hearing reports of others who are interested in joining this growing movement, some in their twenties. I look forward to welcoming new Common Life discerners to Five Oaks on September 21st, 2007! Check out programs on our website for more about that: AND check out Common Life more thoroughly by clicking on ‘News & Networks’ and then on ‘Common Life’.

It’s definitely been too long since I last blogged – I’ve forgotten how to insert photos! Back to figuring that out….