New Year’s Greetings

The start of 2008 has me reflecting on Mary Oliver’s wonderful poem In the Storm, part of which reads:

Belief isn’t always easy. But this much I have learned – if not enough else – to live with my eyes open.

Keeping our eyes open, we saw thousands of lives changed at Five Oaks in 2007: 4,231 of you who brought your programs and enjoyed the lovely site and hospitality to be found here; and 2,535 of you who came to also enjoy the programs which we offered with stellar leaders from around the world.

 I will do my best to keep my eyes open in 2008 – and to share what I see with you – through this blog and updates on our website ( If you’re on Facebook, I encourage you to check out our ‘Friends of Five Oaks’ group.

One of my enjoyable current tasks is to serve as President of Oikosnet North America, and I encourage you to check out this network to which we and other North American centres belong (, in relationship with other centres around the world. Again, if you’re on Facebook, check out the global group which is just starting to form: Oikosnet Global Public.

Better get back to preparing to lead this week’s program, Discernment: Finding God’s Way, and preparing for this week’s board meeting. We’ve been buoyed by generous end-of-year donations and are still looking for more to ensure that we can keep up with Spirit’s inspiring in this sacred place. If you can help, please donate online at: