Web 3.0

As I start to hear buzz about web 3.0, I thought it was a good day to re-engage with web 2.0. One of the things I love about working at Five Oaks is the way in which we reflect upon having a sense of place in an often fragmented, dislocated culture. We greet guests here every day in this particular place of land, waters, peoples and other wild life which many describe as a ‘thin place’ while at the same time connecting with those in other ‘thin places’ across Canada and around the globe.

Tomorrow we welcome Tim Scorer and 20 aboriginal and non-aboriginal participants to a two-day program entitled Cosmic Pilgrimage – a great prelude to Matthew Fox’s March 20 – 22 program entitled Christianity & Mysticism (all are welcome!) These are only two of the many exciting and well-attended programs of this season (www.fiveoaks.on.ca)

I’m delighted to learn that my Mom’s early days on web 2.0 have her tagging the Five Oaks website as one of her two favourites. (The other being her grandson’s blog.) So for those of all ages, we’re here for you in cyberspace – and in the sacred space where Whiteman’s Creek flows into the Grand River, rooted and reaching.