COP15 Day 4: Sage advice

Today Chris Tindal, Alanna Mitchell, and I head for Copenhagen to join Joy Kennedy and David MacDonald, who are already there from The United Church of Canada. (You can find David’s daily blogs on The United Church Observer website.) Continue watching here for my daily blogs and tweets, and for YouTube videos we’ll upload onto the United Church website as regularly as possible.
When our little delegation met with others here to plan for our work in Copenhagen (where we are alongside others from the World Council of Churches), David Hallman, who has represented The United Church of Canada in many such gatherings including the Kyoto talks, offered sage advice:

Prepare to be disappointed.
Prepare to be inspired.
Prepare to be overlooked.
Prepare to be persistent (the WCC delegation isn’t big compared to others, but it’s important).

Advent brings us into such preparations every year, doesn’t it?

And every year, amidst the disappointment and good awareness that we are not the ones at centre stage, we are also inspired and persistent in the way of Jesus.

So we prepare again for the birth of Christ in the midst of an unprecedented gathering of the global family at work—and for many of us, at worship.

What does inspiration and persistence look like where you’re preparing for Christmas?