Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Let’s talk about the letter: Where is the Hope after Copenhagen?

This morning leaders in about 250 other congregations (as far as we know now) will join me in reading my open letter to Canadians entitled ‘Where is the Hope after Copenhagen?

Although it is written to all Canadians, I will introduce it from the pulpit, as I expect others will also, with additional context from our Christian faith. Our faith sustains and guides us in times of pain and paralysis, whether it be the seeming intractability of long term issues like climate change, or the shock of natural disaster. This week, in particular, we continue to respond with prayer and action for the people of Haiti.

I hope for lots of response to my letter – some may be enthusiastic; some not so. Will you please delve in and add your voice to conversation about it here?

My hope is that this will be a constructive and nurturing conversation through sharing thoughts, prayers and actions related to God’s healing of soul, community and creation. Creating or strengthening your congregational ‘green team’ may be one of your responses as you seek to integrate spiritual, communal and physical changes in your church. You’ll find resources to support you on these efforts from Greening Sacred Spaces. Additional resources for further reflection can be found at the Moderator’s home page.

What do you have to say? I’m listening.