Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Who do you say that I am?

I suppose the disciples had no more warning than I did—but they didn’t need to think about their answers being recorded digitally!
Shortly after arriving in the offices of the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario (for a quick visit before heading out to Portage la Prairie for the big Zeebu event with youth and young adult leaders), Executive Secretary Bruce Faurschou explained that he was inviting people to answer Jesus’ question on video, and wondered if I’d be one of the first. A few moments later I was facing a camera, with up to two minutes to answer Jesus’ question: Who do you say that I am? (This project is in preparation for the annual Conference AGM on this theme—an inspired plan.)

So imagine yourself now, with just a few minutes to prepare your two-minute response to Jesus’ question. What do you say?

Now that you’ve answered…

I predict that Jesus’ question will keep moving in you throughout Lent. That’s been my experience since the day of Bruce’s fine invitation, and I remain grateful for it. To hear my out-loud answer that day clarified some of my own thinking and helped me notice what I might say differently on other days. By the way, I heard myself end my answer with these words: “You are the One who brings wholeness and healing to my life, to my soul. You are the One who brings wholeness and healing—as I see it—to our communities. You are the One who brings wholeness and healing to all of creation.” (If you want, you can listen to my full response on that day.)

Our good friends at the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario would, I’m sure, love to hear what you have to say. Please consider offering your comments, letting them know something about who you are and where you find yourself in relation to the United Church. You will be adding your voice to others’, helping them prepare for what should be a stimulating AGM! And I’m curious too:

How did your response relate to soul and/or community and/or creation?