Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Earth Week inspirations

Mary Ann Hodge, the Chair of the Environment Committee of First-St. Andrew’s United Church of London, Ontario, was kind enough to send along her news release this week describing how they at First-St. Andrew’s have taken up the Moderator’s challenge. In their words, they have

assembled a green team that is becoming a driving force in spreading this message. Saturday April 10, they kick off with a symposium titled “Awakening the Dreamer.” The “dream” is a sustainable society, and the focus of this program is to awaken the desire in Londoners to become more engaged. “Awakening the Dreamer,” originating in California, now has facilitators trained around the world to present this program.

First-St. Andrew’s has partnered with the City of London’s Clean and Green program to offer a variety of programs. Jay Stanford, Director of Environment and Waste at the City of London, speaks on Sunday April 18 on initiatives that the city will be focusing on, and how Londoners can become more engaged. Monday offers a chance to participate in an Energy Audit and learn how you can take advantage of current government rebate programs. Wednesday gets the whole family out to watch a video on how to green your home and garden. Thursday London Hydro presents how to save $10 a month in 10 minutes along with other energy conservation techniques. Attendees can pick up a free energy saving kit. Friday is all about solar—a panel discussion and vendor displays to highlight the advancements that solar has made. With the OPA’s microFIT program, homeowners can earn income from their roofs as the payback period for solar electricity generation has shrunk to about 8–10 years.

First-St. Andrew’s United Church invites Londoners to become a green community by reflecting deeply on soul, community, and creation, and by taking practical steps in greening your lifestyle, home, and church building. To help you take those steps, visit Greening Sacred Spaces, a United Church partner, where you can learn more.


I know that many congregations are doing these kinds of things, including my own, but this account of what’s happening at First-St. Andrew’s is as inspiring as it gets!

Have you other stories and ideas to share about how to celebrate Earth Week?