Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Lights out

Our little family hadn’t yet finished eating dinner last Saturday when Earth Hour arrived, so we turned off the electric lights. As candlelight softened faces, the conversation hardened. It was difficult and painful to contemplate some of the questions raised by the week’s headlines. Weakening ecological health. Deepening distrust in the church. Tensions between those for whom the church embodies a community of hope and those for whom it represents the weight of oppression.
On Good Friday, another Light will go out. Again, we will feel a depth of anguish.

As on last Saturday, though, no matter how hard it gets we will remain at the table together. We will listen to one another’s pain and one another’s hope, and we will help one another figure out where we go from here.

When a new Light shines on Sunday, the way of love will, we pray, become clearer.

What are the hardest questions for you during this Holy Week?