Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Vacation

As I begin vacation, I give thanks for an extraordinary year of blessing and privilege. Last week I returned to wisdom that the Children of the 40th General Council offered the Moderator. These precious words are held in my treasured “General Council Investigators Agency Intelligence Manual,” as presented to me at my installation.

These agents offered great advice for all of us who are taking time for rest and reflection in preparation for another busy year:

  • Enjoy your time and don’t work too hard or you will be exhausted!
  • Appreciate all age groups and consider all sides before making a decision.
  • You could dress casual instead of always being dressed up.
  • Have a GREAT SLEEP every single day! (I’m not trying to force you into it.)
  • Knock ’em dead* with speeches (*not literally).
  • If you’re having fun, it’ll show.
  • Mistakes first, perfection second!
  • Be eco-friendly.
  • Tip: Ask another minister for advice.
  • Do short speeches because people get bored.
  • Take time for yourself EVERYday.
  • Be nice to kids.
  • Breathe!
  • Be the best Moderator you can be and people will take you seriously.
  • Party hard.
  • Lean on us!
  • Think BIG
  • Be joyful!
  • Don’t act old and stuffy (please).
  • Keep on going and encourage others to keep on going.
  • You are amazing. You are filled with power, and God loves you—like crazy!
  • Be cool when angry.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Lead boldly! Smile often! Be willing to laugh at yourself! We love you!
  • You give me hope and excitement for the future of the United Church! Thanks be to God! Be a proud Church Geek. Listen to and follow your heart. The youth, children, and young adults are restless and ready to be active spirit-filled leaders. Let’s get ready to move!
  • Pray, PRAY, pray.
  • Celebrate the abundance!

There’s no better way to begin vacation than with these words. See you in September!