Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Conversations at the table

Saturday’s Saskatoon StarPhoenix got it right: I’m boarding the Spirit Express this morning as the means by which to continue participating in all kinds of “conversations at the table.” I am grateful for many opportunities to share myriad concerns and joys of members and leaders, and for the ways your concerns and joys lead you—and me—into deeper participation in God’s healing work.

Following a weekend of conversations at tables of thanksgiving, I trust that a feeling of gratitude continues to permeate your conversations as well, as a person of faith and hope at home, at work, at play, and at church. Speaking of which, you must read Anne Hines’ delightful piece about Thanksgiving inspired by the generous prairie spirit of the people in her settlement charge. It will open your heart to the good humour and love that the folks of Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, teach us about God’s abundant healing of soul and community.

Thankful is how I’m feeling as I begin a month of travels to Manitou Conference, the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, Saskatchewan Conference, and Alberta and Northwest Conference. Conferences line up all kinds of wonderful opportunities for the Moderator to visit with church members and leaders. I’m looking forward to every one of them, just as I’ve already enjoyed official visiting with people of British Columbia and Toronto Conferences (in addition to other visits that aren’t included on the “official Conference visit” lists).

Within the month, I’ll also be hosting town hall conversations focused on Responding with Hope to the Challenges of Climate and Ocean Change. I invite you to find out more about these and to contribute to the online discussions.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to have enjoyed our first annual liturgical experience together of Creation Time in the Season of Pentecost, along with Christians around the world? And to have joined with millions of people in 188 countries in the 10/10/10 global work party day on Thanksgiving Sunday? In case you missed it, you can still join in the work and play, starting here.

Where have your Thanksgiving experiences and reflections led you as you participate in God’s healing work?