Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Be ready – they’re coming home!

Over 500 United Church of Canada youth, young adults and leaders are on their way home from Rendez-vous 2011. Be ready.

I’ve had the priviledge of spending the past four days with this lively community of faithful, creative individuals, through powerful expressions of Christian witness, in song and in prayer, through the challenging presentations of plenary speakers and in many conversations.

These teens are coming home with enlarged hearts and big ideas about being 21st century disciples.

They need you to be ready to stand with them as they take their next steps to enliven the church of Jesus Christ in love with the world God loves.

Be ready to listen carefully to their dreams for themselves and their church. Resist the temptation to offer advice before it’s asked. Trust that they already understand a lot about their gifts and limitations. Find ways to affirm and receive their gifts.

It is my prayer that with one another, in congregation and community, we will be able to risk being what the transforming power of the Spirit is calling The United Church of Canada to be; that we will find ways to support one another in taking the next steps of faithfulness; that in conversations like the ones I’ve had this weekend, we will give one another the necessary encouragement to listen deeply to our souls in response to Christ’s call toward a world that reflects God’s love.

I closed my Thursday night presentation with some of Reinhold Niehbuhr’s powerful words as you will see in this video clip of day one.

Be ready to be saved by love – in your community.