Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Report on Israel/Palestine

Yesterday The United Church of Canada released a report that is bound to cause conversation and controversy. I’ll be presiding at the General Council meeting in August at which this report will be considered, so am not going to comment on its recommendations here or prior to General Council, but I do encourage all United Church members and others who are interested, to read the report directly and to listen to the personal reflections of those who prepared this report:

Although I’ve not been involved in the committee’s deliberations or crafting its recommendations, I had the privilege of visiting the Middle East with the Working Group on Israel/Palestine Policy last February. I wrote a bit about our experience at that time.

Attention to this report provides opportunity for deeper learning and prayerful engagement in preparation for the 41st General Council.

Will you join me in learning and praying broadly and deeply, thereby participating in God’s healing work?