Moderator Mardi’s Blog: Moving On

I am grateful for the inspiring and steady stream of notes, articles and messages still flowing from and bearing witness to eight days of faithful work at the 41st General Council of The United Church of Canada.

Yesterday, for example, my friend Jim Champ, President of the Canadian Council of Churches sent me the editorial he’s written for the November issue of the Salvation Army’s magazine where he serves as editor. That issue of The Salvationist is not yet on-line but I commend it to you whenever you get a chance to see it – maybe in hard copy with a neighbour’s help.

Jim was one of our ecumenical and global partner guests at General Council, and among those whom I had invited to speak on Parliament Hill during the Ottawa Pilgrimage for which Youth Forum joined me on the afternoon of August 15th. He writes particularly about this experience in his November editorial.

And the Ottawa Citizen published a big colour photo of our prayer vigil on the Hill, bringing public attention to the young faces of the United Church who represent our community of faith so well. If you missed news of that afternoon, you might be interested in seeing the video account here:

With you, I continue to delight in the gifted leadership of our 41st Moderator, the Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson… and in the gifts of 14 other extraordinary leaders of our church who were nominated for this office.

Next weekend I’ll attend the first General Council Executive meeting since August, doing my best to play a supportive role as Past Moderator.

Indeed, much of what I’ve written here on wondercafe over the past three years is about that which is ‘past’ – including this posting and this website as home to my blogs.

I’d love to stay in touch, so invite you to visit me and my postings at That new website is still in development, and will be for some time. But I’ve begun to write again there, including today’s Autumn posting on Pushing Down:

May this season (and those to come) be blessed for you, our beloved church, and the world God loves!

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