Quote Unquote: The United Church Observer
‘Do not depend on the hope of results.’ — Thomas Merton
September is an activist’s signature month. Autumn breezes blow me in the direction of wanting to get better organized, trying to ensure that this year I’ll accomplish more.

‘As we begin to listen to each other’s stories, things begin to change . . .’
Over the past five years, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has given thousands of Canadians an extraordinary opportunity to listen to one another’s stories, and things are beginning to change.

Interviews: The United Church Observer
Interview with Bruce Cockburn
The celebrated Canadian singer-songwriter talks about faith, activism and his recently released memoir, ‘Rumours of Glory’

Interview with Mary Jo Leddy
The writer, theologian and founder of Toronto’s Romero House for refugees talks about faith in the public square

Interview with Kathleen Wynne
Ontario’s first female premier and Canada’s first openly gay provincial leader talks about faith, politics and community

Soul Work: The United Church Observer
THE INVITATION: Share your most transformative spiritual practices
“Working our ‘inner muscles’ makes us better prepared to offer creative, loving responses.”

The Right Kind of Trouble
“… as moderator, I would be faced with questions demanding careful discernment almost daily. Each required a little homework and a lot of prayer. I tried to make sure that if I was going to get the church into trouble, I should at least aim to make it the right kind of trouble.”
The United Church Observer

Shamrock, Cross and Eagle Feather
“The Iona Community’s John Bell introduced me to what I think of as the most compelling part of St Patrick’s ministry …”

Habits of the Heart for Church Leaders
“I begin this year with gratitude – gratitude deeper than I would have predicted …”
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