Enabling Courage & Renewal®

“Friends and mentors have been excited by the transformations they’ve seen in my life since I began participating in the Courage to Lead® retreat series. I am grateful for the strengthening and for the way my life is beginning to open wider and fill with an energy and joy I hadn’t fully realized I was missing.”

Leaders of all types – business, government, not-for-profit and volunteer sectors – lead more effectively when they lead with courage. This comes from an inner strength and integrity, from the conviction that your work goals and your personal values are aligned.  As a facilitator with the Center for Courage& Renewal I offer opportunities for leaders to renew their passion and vision. Sustaining courageous leadership requires trustworthy spaces and relationships where you can reconnect with your inner wisdom and integrity.

“I am stronger, more willing to risk, trusting more the inner teacher. I feel less dependent, perhaps more detached from the opinions of others. I carry the skills I’ve learned into my daily life both personally and professionally.”

“The difference and impact has been amazing and transformative!”

“Returning to this “circle of trust” again and again provided a most meaningful touchstone during this year. What we created, together, can only be described as sacred space.  Here, I experienced and learned deeper, more soulful ways to be present in that personal journey; both my own and side by side with others’. Thanks again to you for facilitating this process, so expertly!  The gifts are many.”

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