Strengthening Teams

“Our environment changed radically because of a merger. Four things stood out in Mardi’s work with us. First, her seeming ability to get right inside our heads. She came very quickly to an intimate understanding of our organization. Second, her ability to help people put individual agendas aside, and focus together on the good of the whole organization. Third, she was able to deal effectively with conflict within the group, and help people have their say without tromping on others. Finally, even though she’s obviously very knowledgeable about organizational structure, she did not come in with any pre-set agenda or ‘expert’ solution. She helped the group focus on what they needed, so the solutions came from inside.”  
— National CEO

Most people name their workplace as their primary community. Life in community takes effort. Using ecological principles, I help teams make best use of the strengths of each, making the whole stronger and more resilient.

In consulting, I see myself like  a catalyst. You and your work environment are the key ingredients. My job is to bring energy and skill to help you achieve your goals. People I’ve worked with say:

“We had an enforced team from a merger of two radically different cultures. Mardi defused a number of potentially explosive situations and helped us understand ourselves as individuals, our strengths and weaknesses, then helped us see how to work together. We now have a strong team. We’ve grown from nine to 15 people, but with the skills we learned from Mardi we’ve been able to maintain our focus and our consistency.”
— Business Leader

“She has a remarkable gift in truly hearing what people have said. She has been able to challenge people in a way that is respectful and ensures that their dignity is always maintained.”
— Social Service Leader

“We have a very diverse workforce, and Mardi has helped them develop tools for cooperative communication, so that when conflict arises – as it inevitably does – they have some positive and constructive ways of dealing with it.”
— Broadcasting Executive

“Not only were your presentation materials and content relevant to our issues, your rapport with our members was outstanding. Your ability to work with many people from different work cultures is truly impressive.”
— Not-for-Profit Leader

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